Monday, 24 June 2013

art:language:location - Planning meeting

I've been selected to participate in the location specific exhibition 'art:language:location' in Cambridge this October, and as part of the planning process towards the event the organisers held a meeting of many of the artists involved on the weekend of the 22nd June.  It was my first visit to Cambridge, so I've managed to pack in getting to know some of the artists along with site visits and a whistle-stop walk around the historic centre.

My proposal is to create an intervention on a pavement that will interrupt and influence people's movement as they move through space, so here's a few research images that will start to come together to form the work in October.  Between now and then, there's some drawings to be made to test ideas out and some logistical hurdles to sort out. 

For more information on art:language:location visit

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Adventures in Wonderland - New Work

I've just updated my website with some pictures of my latest work, a series of 6 laser engraved boxes that tell stories of my experiences in Shanghai.  From ballroom dancing in a park, to feeling hemmed in at a gated water town, these small boxes share my adventures.

They are currently being exhibited at the Gallery at Bank Quay House in Warrington as part of Markmakers latest exhibition which explores narrative and storytelling. The boxes are available to purchase at £60 each.