Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tearing Space Apart at Salford School of Art and Design

I've been working at Salford University as part of AA2A for the past 4 weeks, going in on regular Tuesdays to realise a piece of work that I've wanted to make on a larger scale. And it's been useful. I'm not sure its entirely successful, but it has brought me to a new idea about how to use the process and a link to some of my more theoretical research. I've taken a break this week to reflect on the work done so far and to plan more work to come.

So here is the process I followed to create 'Tearing Space Apart (Salford I)'

  • A wall is covered in newspaper
  • The newspaper is torn off the wall and methodically numbered
  • The wall has co-ordinates marked along its edges
  • Fragments of newspaper are placed on the wall at randomly allocated co-ordinates
  • Each piece of paper is drawn around a number of times with pencil according to its catalogue number
  • Lines do not cross
  • The fragments of paper are used again, this time they are outlined using powdered graphite according to randomly allocated co-ordinates
  • Ends

And some images.

And some video documentation:

Monday, 14 November 2011

St Helens Open 2011

The St Helens Open exhibition has come around again. I've submitted two works - one has been selected to be shown at the Godfrey Pilkington Gallery and the other is off to (what I term) the Salon des Refuses at MASH art cafe.

Tearing Space Apart. Pencil & Paper. 2011. 23x23cm, £100 framed

Private view takes place Tuesday 15th November 6-8pm and the exhibition continues until 17 December 2011.
Signpost, Schiedam. Stencilled graphite powder on Kraft paper. 50x70cm, £100 framed

St Helens Open
Godfrey Pilkington Gallery, 1st floor, Central Library, Victoria Square, St Helens
MASH art cafe, Haydock Street, St Helens.

Wednesday 16 November - Saturday 17 December 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Website update

My website has been updated with some recent works, including Motus:Immotus, Digi Dot-to-dot and Tearing Space Apart. New sections include a videos page, where I'll be posting digital works, animation and films documenting process-based work and a books page where you will find a couple of my new forays into artist book making.

An exciting discovery has been Issuu, where i've been able to upload a pdf of my book and embed it into my website, giving a better feel than posting individual images. Thanks to artist Kate Smith who mentioned it on her blog for putting me on to it.